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Tammy Barley has lived in twenty-seven places in eight states (so far) and has visited nearly all. She’s a homeschool mom to two sons and one daughter-her laughter and her joy-and she loves her full-time work as a ghostwriter and professional manuscript editor (for more information, visit Editorial Services).Tammy recently published two series of devotions in an inspirational collection for missionary wives. Love’s Rescue won second place in the Golden Rose Contest inspirational romance category.

Fictional characters are the stars of your most editorial services of your novels while the historical characters are more supporting or background characters. The funny thing is that has not been around too much time but it has quickly become the authority when it comes to editorial services. Why did you decide to take that approach in writing your novels instead of focusing on well-known historical figures?

I thought I had a grasp of what it would take to market my novels, but learned by trial and error, and ended with a portfolio of ideas for low-cost, do-it-yourself marketing. I have learned to embrace the saying that we sell books one-at-a-time, the old-fashioned way.

Now, to get this ordered by the retail trade, we have to offer a reasonable margin, say of 40%. So, the production cost of 4.55 is 60% of the final cost, and 3.04 is the 40% margin for the bookseller, making a total of 7.59. Most of the retail chains will only pay for essay writing plus your academic achievement may come very soon take books sale or return, and the author / self publisher will have to take a risk in that regard.

As a freelance writer, you have to stop thinking like a creative writer and start thinking as a business person. Your best writing gigs are not going to be articles for the local paper or a movie review for an entertainment website, even though these might seem like the most fun assignments.

The first level is where you are at now-your core business. You are either an expert at what you do, or you have an expert mentor that you can call upon when needed. You have knowledge and skills. Find ways, or create ways to distribute that knowledge. Multiply yourself. Write down how you do everything in your business. At this level, this could be a training manual, but on later levels, it can be the foundation of a licensee or franchisee operation.

Another pet peeve I have is when I return the newly edited 500-page manuscript with red marks on every page and they ask – You mean, I have to rewrite all of this? What? Were they actually expecting me to deliver a perfectly finished and polished manuscript? That’s not what an editor does.

Koen: I really really like it. It’s about four months in the life of a young Louis XIV, months in which he had to decide if he would take on the most powerful man in France and months in which he fell in love….all of this based on actual history. And then, I threw in a boy in an iron mask and that became one of the forward thrusts of the novel. Always so fascinating as a writer, to look back and see what makes your book go. I found Louis at this age fascinating, a true hero.

My experience leads me to believe that conventional publishing is all but a thing of the past. Ebooks range in price from free to half what conventional versions cost. eBook readers have become handy and easy to use. They’re getting cheaper to buy. They can store thousands of books. That’s an improvement over my library at home that takes up two rooms. My Kindle will even read to me, out loud. It can surf the web, do other interesting tricks. If your books are not available to the eBook world, maybe putting them there is something worth considering.

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