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Pengolahan Citra Satelit Pansharpened

Project Pengolahan DEM DSM SRTM Kota Serang

Pengolahan Data DEM DSM SRTM-V4 Resampling 25 meter, Kota-Serang

 25m Resampling DEM DSM SRTM-V4 

 25m Color Shaded Surface

 7Class Percent Slope

10m CI

Keterangan :

Sensor Data DEM : Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM)

Versi : Versi-4 (V4)

Resolusi Spasial : 25 Meter Resampling

Lokasi : Kota Serang

Penerapan Aplikasi : Riset & Penelitian

Proses Pengolahan : Generate Color Shaded Surface, Generate Slope, Generate kontur

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